Weniger Meinung wagen

Medien sollten sich auf Ihre Stärken besinnen. Weniger Meinungsjournalismus — mehr Recherche. Das würde die Qualität erhöhen und der allgemeinen Medienskepsis entgegenwirken. Brauchen wir wirklich eine Meinungsseite in jeder Tageszeitung? Brauchen wir einen Kommentar in den Tagesthemen? Warum sind Kolumnisten die bekannteren Journalisten? Fragen, die nicht nur Medien betreffen, sondern auch unsere Demokratie und wie wir überContinue reading “Weniger Meinung wagen”

Ideas factory: Who is watching EU media?

Our ideas factory features innovative policy ideas and new ways of thinking about the EU. Who is watching (Brussels based) EU media? Do we need some sort of ‘EU media watch’ site? The EU media landscape is changing. It has become more aggressive and more driven by business interests. So, do we need a place thatContinue reading “Ideas factory: Who is watching EU media?”

Ideas factory: Innovating political journalism

Our contribution to the Advocate Europe Ideas challenge 2018. Too often EU journalism lacks innovative and engaging journalistic formats. We want to change this in the run-up to the 2019 European Parliament elections. We will assemble a group of aspiring journalists and media innovators in a journalism lab in Berlin to develop new ways andContinue reading “Ideas factory: Innovating political journalism”

Ideas factory: 6 ideas for innovative EU journalism

Simple questions often make you think. Example: What is missing in EU journalism? This article was originally published on my blog kosmopolito.org on Mar 12, 2015. What sort of innovative journalistic products do we need that would innovate and improve reporting about the EU? Forget business models and organisational restraints for a moment — here are 6Continue reading “Ideas factory: 6 ideas for innovative EU journalism”

Make politics boring again

Forget fake news. The real problem is a lack of political literacy. Maybe we are looking at the wrong issues. The problem may not be fake news or this infamous ‘post-truth society’. In fact, these issues are symptoms of a society that lacks a basic understanding of how politics works. Watch this video and reflectContinue reading “Make politics boring again”

Why Facebook’s Newsfeed needs a radical rethink

cc @ Sarah Marshall Facebook has become a political debating platform — but it lacks tools to facilitate political debates. Facebook has become the synonym of the ‘filter bubble’ and the rise of a post-truth political discourse. The social media giant has become known for the distribution of fake news, lies and propaganda. While it is difficult toContinue reading “Why Facebook’s Newsfeed needs a radical rethink”