Ideas factory: Ein deutscher Monkey Cage

Akademiker müssen raus aus dem Elfenbeinturm. Oder warum die deutsche Politikdebatte einen monkey cage braucht. Die politische Debatte in Deutschland wird dominiert von den großen Medienangeboten, Spiegel, Zeit etc. Neue Stimmen werden oft ignoriert und im Fernsehen werden immer die gleichen Politikexperten befragt. Dabei haben wir in Deutschland eine Resource, die die politische Debatte zumindest bereichernContinue reading “Ideas factory: Ein deutscher Monkey Cage”

The best podcasts on European politics

Podcasting is booming (again) — even when it comes to EU and European. So here is the ultimate list of the best podcasts on EU/European politics. UPDATE: Please note that most embed links got lost when we migrated this article from Medium to WordPress. We will fix this as soon as possible! THANKS to all tweeps whoContinue reading “The best podcasts on European politics”

#ep2014 journalism: How to report the European Parliament elections

By CherryX per Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 This article originally appeared on my blog on Apr 12, 2014. First things first: The European Parliament elections are not — and I repeat — NOT like national elections. So what does that mean for journalists? Well, first of all familiarise yourself with the EU decision making process — no, really I meanContinue reading “#ep2014 journalism: How to report the European Parliament elections”

Make politics boring again

Forget fake news. The real problem is a lack of political literacy. Maybe we are looking at the wrong issues. The problem may not be fake news or this infamous ‘post-truth society’. In fact, these issues are symptoms of a society that lacks a basic understanding of how politics works. Watch this video and reflectContinue reading “Make politics boring again”

Why Facebook’s Newsfeed needs a radical rethink

cc @ Sarah Marshall Facebook has become a political debating platform — but it lacks tools to facilitate political debates. Facebook has become the synonym of the ‘filter bubble’ and the rise of a post-truth political discourse. The social media giant has become known for the distribution of fake news, lies and propaganda. While it is difficult toContinue reading “Why Facebook’s Newsfeed needs a radical rethink”